Critique Child Advocacy Plans Essay

Upon discussing with both the local elementary school administrator and the director of the Pre-K program on how they advocate the treatment of abuse to children. I discovered that in identifying and reporting mistreatment of children is very vital in preventing further or long-term harm. When school officials identify abuse they have a duty to report and follow the procedures and guidelines that are implemented in the school district policies.

Georgia law requires schools system faculty, staff and volunteers who have reasonable cause to suspect a child is abused or neglected to report this to the proper authority. The system faculty and staff must understand their obligation to report the suspicion or allegation, yet they are not to investigate or decide the validity of the suspicion or allegation. In fact, it is required by each state that all professionals that work with children are to report any suspicious abuse. ww. childwelfare. gov After viewing the school district policies on child abuse I find that it is not thorough enough to the fact that there were not any specified programs for intervention other than reporting child abuse to Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and the Burke County Sheriff Office. I think it should include School-based programs for children. Some programs purpose is to provide specific services for prevention that is designed for the school curriculum.

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These programs that affiliates with prevention are life skill training, socialization, problem-solving and coping skills, preparation for parenthood and self-protection training. There must be avenues to effectively establish and adhere to those children that falls into the cycle of abuse. Once again prevention is not the only measure of defense but rather is a collaborative community concern which includes multiple strategies that requires the individual, family and community.

What are missing from the school’s policies are the procedures and appeal rights for school personnel that are the abuser, abuse from home, abuse by another child and children suicidal. I feel that these areas are very important and should be implemented in the policies. As a system employee and parent I have a lot of questions and concerns about this written School Board Policy (Student Welfare- Child Abuse) because it does not have step-by-step procedures. Not to mention, it is out dated (two (2) years) and I feel that it need to be revised annually.

Based on the knowledge that I have obtain through reading and research, I would improve the way child abuse cases are handle when it comes to system employees that are falsely accused of child abuse and make it mandatory for them faculty and staff to be properly trained to be able to spot and identify abuse with mandated workshops and seminars to better educate them. The way system employees that are falsely accused of child abuse should be dealt with the utmost priority because this can make a difference in their profession and cause a negative affect on their career.

Statistics shows that one (1) out of ten (10) respondents/educators is falsely accused of child abuse and one (1) out of six (6) knew someone who where falsely accused of abuse. www. savesservices. org Unfortunately, these accusations, I believe, stems from a lack of thorough investigations. Also make readily the resources available to educate the system employees will need to accomplish the task at hand. Much can be done to reduce child abuse and neglect by strengthening child advocacy and the child protection centers and provide them with the assistance they need to effectively prevent abuse first.

Although child abuse and neglect is stems from many reasons and can affect the lives of a child (ren) but with prevention such as home visitation and support groups, by helping parents acquire parenting skills and develop and the ability to comprehend measures that are not violent. In conclusion, it is beyond any agency, facility or government to keep child abuse from happening in today’s society in which children are suffering and perhaps dying from child abuse and neglect. Child abuse and neglect are problems that can be alarming and can cause an amazing psychological and economic direst to the child and the abuser.

By identifying early on child abuse can be treated to prevent long term occurrences of abuse. Also through treatment a child(ren) can be taken from that environment and placed into a haven to regain trust and continue to receive on-going support. It is every child’s need to be loved, protected and care for in a way that prevents him/her from maltreatment and harm as well as bringing those who mistreat them to justice. When these children are abused and neglected steps must be taken to ensure their safety.


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