Reading Report Essay

Reading Report

Chen, Jerome. Mao Papers : Anthology and Bibliography. London: Oxford UP, 1970. 51-76. Total = 26 pages.

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Chinoy, Mike. A Tale of Two Chinas. Atlanta: Turner Publishing Inc, 1997. 291-316. Total= 26 pages.

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Li, Zhisiu. The Private Life of Chairman Mao. London: Chatto and Windus, 1994. 3-327. Total= 325 pages.

MacFarquhar, Roderick. The Succession to Mao and the End of Maoism, 1969-82. New York: Cambridge UP, 1997. 248-339. Total= 92 pages.

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Yahuda, Michael. The Significance of Tripolarity in China’s Policy Toward the United States Since 1972. New York: M.E Sharpe, Inc., 1993. 11-35. Total= 25 pages.

Grand Total of Pages= 841


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