Reading Responses Essay

Reading Responses

            In the article entitled “Harmless Lying,” the author, Sissela Bok, tries to define white lies and the actual harm it can do to people involved. Majority of the people believe that white lies are harmless because they are being said in everyday situations and they do not really matter because they involve small and petty things. However, what these people do not realize is that these little white lies can cause more damage than they think.

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            Personally, there is no distinction between a white lie and a lie because they are both still lies when analyzed. It does not matter where or when the lie was used because it is still lie for the person being deceived. I cannot understand why people have to be polite and say white lies when they can be frank and honest about something as little as a necktie. In addition, although people defend themselves by saying that these are just small lies that do not even go noticed, it is the frequency of how they use it that matters. If they get used to the idea of telling white lies, there might come a time when they acquire the habit of telling not only white lies but greater lies, which can severely affect their relationship with those around them. If people do not have better things to say, then they might as well not say anything instead of telling white lies.

            In a world where people have become so advanced, it is surprising that they still choose to be cordial and polite when they can be themselves and say the things that need to be said. What people do not realize is that they hurt those whom they deceive more when they tell lies instead of telling the truth. Although the truth can hurt, the fact that the person had the courage to say what is on his or her mind and be honest can make the situation better. The receiver may not welcome the truth at first but it will sink in sooner or later and he or she will thank the person for saying the right and truthful thing.

            The second article from entitled “Illegal Immigration is a Crime,” talks about the serious problem that the United States is facing due to illegal immigration. Many people believe that the United States will provide them the chance to have a good life, which is why they risk their lives by becoming illegal aliens or by coming to the country illegally. They feel that it is the only way to improve their lives and help their families.

            However, what these illegal aliens do not realize is the effect that they bring in terms of the country’s economy and resources. One of the problems that illegal immigration presents to the citizens of the United States is the loss of work opportunities. Companies prefer to hire these illegal immigrants because they accept low paying salaries, which is a positive thing for companies. Local funds are also used up to spend on these illegal immigrants who do not contribute anything because they do not pay taxes. Because their number is significantly high, it is not surprising that the country’s growth rate also rises dramatically. It is therefore important for the government to take action on this continuing problem because if they do not do anything, the whole country will suffer.

            The Border Patrol is doing a good job on making sure that there are less people who can come in the country illegally. Still, their efforts are not enough and are not the only thing that can be done. Improvements should be made in such a way that people who visit the country can be tracked down easily and be reminded of the amount of time they should remain inside the country. It is hard and may cost the government a lot of money but the resources that can be saved and the jobs that can be offered to citizens are more important than the cost.


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