Reading Summary Essay

Reading Summary

Cultural conflict lies in the heart of the reading as treatment of the main heroine, Lia Lee, is obstructed not by medical system in California, but rather by her parents’ cultural views ands beliefs on medical treatment.

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The Life or the Soul. The life of a Hmong refugee family is full of challenges in the USA as every day they are struggling with health care system in California defending their original views on medicine:

·         The girl Lia Lee is diagnosed with sever epilepsy, and as far as she and her family are refugees, they try to survive Lia’s life following their own expertise, not professional medical personnel.

·         The life or the soul shows that in some cases medicine fails to provide effective treatment due to cultural conflicts.

Do Doctors Eat Brains? The problem of immigration and cultural assimilations are on the surface, and Lee’s family has to re-shape their thinking and views on many aspects of health care system:

·         Lia and her parents thought the hospital was full of souls of the dead, and they viewed the hospital as charnel house.

·         The Hmong don’t like to take orders, as well as to lose; instead, they will fight and show they are not intimidated.

·         Despite being outnumbered, we see the Hmong tend to persuade American society that their cultural values, beliefs and customs are not inferior, they are equal.

Take as Directed. The Superior Court of the state of California declared Lia to be removed from the custody of her parents and to be proclaimed a Dependent Child of the Juvenile Court.

·         Lia was hospitalized, but her parents showed poor compliance and proper medication and treatment measures.

·         Lia’s parents decided to stop medication arguing they were too strong for a child, but the question appears: what was the struggle for?


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