The errors in Gamma Industries Ltd accounts Essay

In this assignment my duties includes to place the mistakes in Gamma Industries Ltd histories. Make mentions as per relevant IAS the interventions for that and different accounting constructs. Finally my undertaking is to place and do suggestion for the comptroller of the company with mentions to relevant criterions.


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The aim of IAS2 is to order the accounting intervention for stock lists. As per IAS 2 Inventory are stated at lower of cost and cyberspace realizable value.

For points that are interchangeable, IAS 2 allows the FIFO or weighted mean cost expression. [ IAS 2.25 ] The LIFO expression, which had been allowed prior to the 2003 alteration of IAS 2, is no longer allowed.

As per consistence construct minutess and rating methods are treated in the same manner from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Users of histories can, hence, do more of import comparings of fiscal public presentation from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Where accounting policies are changed, companies are required to unwrap this fact and explicate the impact of any alteration.

Therefore company do non follow with IAS 2 and either with consistence construct, as company has changed its rating policy for valuing stock list signifier FIFO to LIFO which is no longer allowed, as he has alter the accounting policy with out proper discloser so company would non follow with consistence construct.

Accountant demand to alter stock list rating back to FIFO or to leaden mean method with proper discloser sing alteration in accounting policy. So that user of fiscal statement can easy understand the alterations took topographic point.


Harmonizing to IAS 16 depreciation sum will be allocated over the estimated utile life of the plus. The residuary value and utile life of the plus should be reviewed at least yearly and if there is alteration in estimation from anterior period, such alteration is accounted for as the alteration in estimations as per IAS 8.

As per IAS 18 the consequence of a alteration in an accounting estimation will be recognized prospectively by including it in net income or loss in:

The period of the alteration, if the alteration affects that period merely, or the period of the alteration and hereafter periods, if the alteration affects both periods. As per IAS 18 company must necessitate to do discloser for such alteration.

The nature and sum of a alteration in an accounting estimation that has an consequence in the current period or is expected to hold an consequence in future periods if the sum of the consequence in future periods is non disclosed because gauging it is infeasible, an entity shall unwrap that fact.

Harmonizing to consistence concept minutess and rating methods are treated in the same manner from or period to period. Users of histories can, hence, make comparings of fiscal public presentation from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Where accounting policies are changed, companies are required to unwrap this fact and explicate the impact of any alteration.

As company has alteration its estimation in current twelvemonth but fail to do proper discloser as required by the IAS 18, beside this company besides fail to follow with the with consistence construct in fixing the fiscal statements.

Accountant demand to do proper discloser in the histories sing the alteration in current period and attendant consequence in approaching hereafter, as per IAS 18 explained above.

Nominal Account Posting

Accountant do non follow the Reliability construct for readying, as he fail to fix hard currency book which will so be compared with bank rapprochement in order to place out standing lodgements and un presented check. Fixing nominal activity from the Bank statement in order non to do bank rapprochement Accountant besides fail to follow with Matching rule Which states that gross and disbursals should be recognized for the period to which it relates, if he continue making this all of un presented checks that is non presented in bank for encashment do non enter in current twelvemonth fiscal statement.

Therefore accountant demand to follow with duplicate construct and fix hard currency book and make bank rapprochement to place and do a dependable presentation of unpresented and outstanding lodgements.

Director Current Account

Landlord bought gift for her married woman bing 10 lb recorded in fiscal statement as receivable, there is once more discloser job every bit good as inquiry do originate on dependability of the fiscal statement. Accountant should rectify it by fixing drawings history or manager current history to enter all dealing that relates to him. However the sum in immaterial but discloser demand as per IAS 1 will travel incorrect.

On the other manus rent owed is wrongly recoded as history collectible, which does non follow with IAS 1 and even do non follow with accrual construct.

Accountant should rectify this by entering it as disbursal for the period by following IAS 1 together with accrual construct, and cut down the history collectible history by the sum of rent. And do notes to the history for this.


The aim of IAS 37 is to guarantee that appropriate acknowledgment standards and measuring bases are applied to commissariats, contingent liabilities and contingent assets and that sufficient information is unwrap in the notes to the fiscal statements to let users to understand their nature, timing and sum.


Accountant fail to follow with IAS 37 as the possibility of payment is likely as a consequence of past event, and possibility of the payment is material as company fail to follow wellness and safety issue. And besides fail to follow with discloser demand. There forward comptroller should hold to do proviso for 20000 lb as the chance of result is high and record it as doing best estimation of it and record as liability in balance sheet doing discloser to the histories, and do description of uncertainness, chance and estimation under notes to the histories.


Accumulations concept explains that income and disbursals must be matched with for the period it relates, whether or non grosss and disbursals has really received or paid. Income statement and balance sheet are prepared on Accumulations concept instead than on Prudence construct which explain gross revenues and disbursals will merely acknowledge when it is realized, in simple word on hard currency footing.

Accountant made an mistake non to book electricity disbursals for the last one-fourth until it was really paid or measure non received until 29 Jan 2010. This intervention is wholly wrong intervention and against the accumulations concept or fiting construct.

Accountant should hold to do amendments for it as to book disbursals in income statement for December and record prepayment for the 2 months which falls outside the current period. Prepayment should demo under current assets which will recognize in approaching period. This manner accountant follows the accumulations concept every bit good as Consistency in presentation. Discloser must be given under notes to the history about sum of prepayment and how it is calculated so fiscal statement show true and just position as per IAS 1 and user of fiscal statement can trust on discloser and dependability of fiscal discloser.


Accounting interventions for the mistake made by the comptroller of Gamma Industries Ltd in fixing company fiscal statement and recommendation as per IAS and different accounting constructs. Accountant should hold to do alterations as per IAS and Accounting constructs so that histories shows just position and apprehensible by the user of the Histories.


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