The Social Impact of the Internet Essay

A. There are 145,286,000 householders in Untied Stated, and 55% of these householders have Internet access; in other word, there are 79,907,300 householders have Internet access. B. Computers, laptops, smart mobile phones, or other devices to access the Internet are a necessity, and you can check email, go to facebook, and contact with others via these devices. C. The Internet has become increasingly important for our lives, and there is a growing number of people use the Internet. D. The Internet has changed our society, especially influences on education and health care. E.

Indeed, the Internet changed our world, and what are the influences of the Internet on our society? II. If we want to know the social impact of the Internet, we have to know the definition and development of the Internet. A. However, many people use the Internet everyday, but not all people know what the definition of Internet exactly is. 1. “The Internet is an international network of interconnected computers” (Howe, 2012).

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2. The Internet is “a unique and wholly new medium of worldwide human communication” (Howe, 2012) B. The development of the Internet is very fast and mature. . ARPANET was renamed ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) and designed to help the military to operate in 1969 (Howe, 2012). 2. In the 1970’s, with the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) architecture first proposed and further developed, the Internet gradually matured (Howe, 2012). C. We realized the development of the Internet getter mature, and let’s look at the social impacts of the Internet. III. A large amount of people use the Internet and the Internet influences the society manages information, so the Internet is considered important enough to change the world.

A. On the one hand, large amounts of people use the Internet nowadays. 1. “About 94 million people use the Internet at home”(Newburger, 2000). 2. “More than 2 in 5 households have Internet access” (Newburger, 2000). B. On the other Hand, the Internet use is influencing how society manages information. 1. The Internet has become a major venue for the dissemination of news (Newburger, 2001). 2. The Internet also affects interpersonal communication (Newburger, 2001). C. The Internet became a vital part in our life, and it influences on other parts in our life as well.

IV. People take advantage of the Internet to work on the education and health care, it is enough to change our word. A. The Internet has become an increasingly important factor in the learning environment of students. 1. “More than half of school-age children had access to computers both in school and at home (57 percent)” (Newburger, 2001). 2. The Internet can make learning more exciting, interesting, very attractive and lively, so it have been a source of entertainment for children for recent years (“The net imperative”, 1999). B.

Additionally, it is certain that the Internet has influenced Health Care. 1. Medical information, the latest treatments available and side effects and other medical information are available on the Internet, making it possible for patients to be informed and take much greater responsibility for their healthcare (“The net imperative”, 1999). 2. “The Internet provides nationally representative estimates for health-related uses of the Internet, level of trust in health information sources, and preferences for cancer information sources” (“The net imperative”, 1999).

C. The Internet is good for education and health care, and students and patients really get benefit from it. V. Conclusion A. Take everything into account, our society has been changed because of the Internet has already impacted on education and health care. B. There are more and more people use the Internet, and the Internet influences many aspects in our society. C. Several decades ago, a society without the Internet becomes to a society that the Internet is very important for everyone and enough change word–it’s not amazing, it’s a legend.


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