Wake up to nutella Essay

1. Context Analysis

This communications program focuses on the “ Wake Up to nutella ” publicity run of 2007 in the UK. The planning of the run by the Ferrero Group UK took around eight months and the publicity run had a entire continuance of about one twelvemonth. ( See Appendix 1 for farther information about the company profile and its scope of merchandises ) .

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a. The internal and external context

The most of import chance of Ferrero was its differentiated nutella merchandise that had low competition in the UK market. Chief rivals were merely Rowse Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread and Traidcraft Fairtrade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

Furthermore the pricing of nutella created an chance for the company, as nutella was cheaper than the competitory merchandises. Traidcraft Fairtrade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread for case was being sold for ?2.26 for 400g and nutella for merely 1.59 for 400g.

A menace for nutella represented the altering eating wonts and life style of consumers ( societal factors ) . Nowadays, the tendency is traveling towards a healthier lifestyle and fitter feeding. Due to the fact that nutella contains cocoa, the merchandise was perceived as indulgence and unhealthy by many consumers.

B. The client context

The chief mark market, which is a specific group Ferrero UK aims the merchandise nutella at, are both female and male schoolchildren at the age group between 5 and 14 old ages and adolescents and college pupils, besides both female and male. This mark group is besides described as a group of people who are holding for breakfast toast with something on it, such as jam or peanut butter. Another ground aiming immature people is that they tend to prefer eating Sweet for breakfast. This mark group is easier to convert to exchange from jam or peanut butter to nutella than people who are non eating toast for breakfast.

The mark audience, which is a group of people the nutella advertisement message is designed at, are parents, but chiefly female parents of the mark market. The mark audience is described as urban and in-between to upper in-between category households. The female parents of the immature kids and adolescents are the 1s the communicating message is aimed at and they are the most influential individual in the purchasing determination. In order to exemplify the importance of the female parents which form the mark audience, the Decision Making Unit theory of B2C can be used:


Mark group ; schoolchildren at the age between 5 and 14 old ages, adolescents and college pupils, males and females.


Mark audience ; female parents who need to be convinced about nutella, who require nutritionary information about nutella and who are giving nutella to their kids. Influencer can besides be sentiment leaders such as school instructors, physicians, famous persons, the media etc.

Decision makera

Mark audience ; the female parents who are make up one’s minding what to give to their kids for breakfast and hence they represent the most of import mark of nutella.


Target audience such as female parents who have the fiscal possibility to purchase the merchandise and therefore they are the most of import group that needs to be convinced.

Additionally, Ferrero UK decided to aim female parents who are already giving their kids toast for breakfast as these are perceived to be easier to convert to exchange to nutella instead than female parents that are non already giving their kids toast for breakfast.

Due to the fact that gross revenues of nutella in UK are low, compared to other European states, the mark market can be described as new to the merchandise nutella instead than bing clients. Furthermore, the mark is neither loyal to the trade name nor loyal to a rival. The mark market consists of current users of other spread merchandises for breakfast such as jam, cheese, peanut butter etc. There is really no comparable competition to nutella?s hazelnut spread in the UK but there are utility merchandises on the market, as already mentioned.

c. Level of consciousness, perceptual experience and attitudes towards nutella in UK

Despite the world-wide success of nutella, the merchandise suffered from a bad image in the UK, as it can be seen from the diagram above. Most people in the UK, in comparing with the remainder of Europe, perceived nutella as a menace and indulgence, particularly amongst the female parents. However, in other European states nutella was perceived as a breakfast ritual and a favorite spread that was besides lief given to kids. The bad consumer perceptual experience about nutella was the chief ground for the “Wake up to nutella” run.

d. Stakeholder context

The most of import stakeholders of the nutella run were:


Staff and direction ; they needed to be convinced about nutella in order to make a positive viva-voce consequence to friends and relations. Furthermore, they were involved in the work of the run and hence they were besides responsible for the success of the run. The tools of communicating with internal stakeholders were face to confront meetings, the intranet and newssheets.


Mediators ; such as supermarkets that were purchasing nutella from Ferrero and selling them to the end-user. They needed to be convinced to include nutella into their mixture. The manner of communicating with mediators was direct ( face to face ) , every bit high engagement determinations between two concerns were involved.


Media ; The media represented an sentiment taking map, articles and studies about the run and the merchandise itself were published and this has had an high influence on consumer?s perceptual experience about Ferrero/the campaign/nutella. Key ways of communicating were a imperativeness conference prior run launch and regular interviews from the CEO of Ferrero UK about the run. Regular interviews assured up-to-date information flow to the clients and increased trade name consciousness, due to the fact that nutella was mentioned on regular footing in several newspapers and magazines.

Customers ; most of import stakeholders as they are the 1s who are purchasing the merchandise. Wayss of communicating were the assorted communicating tools that will be mentioned subsequently in this assignment.

2. Communications aims

Research that was undertaken prior the run showed that consumers ‘ perceptual experience about nutella being a dainty was based on incorrect ingredient information. Many UK clients understood nutella being a cocoa spread and non a hazelnut spread.

Harmonizing to that, the first and most of import communicating aim of the run was to shift the trade name as a hazelnut spread. This implied to better inform the client about the ingredients.

In add-on, other communicating aims, utilizing the DAGMAR theoretical account as an illustration ( see appendix 2 ) have been to make trade name consciousness and trade name cognition but besides to increase purchase. To raise consciousness and cognition of nutella was of import in order to pull new clients. To increase purchase was important in order to derive more new clients and to increase the entire grosss of nutella.

Another of import communicating aim was to alter the image of nutella in UK. The chief end was to switch nutella?s image as unhealthy and a dainty towards a positive and healthy hazelnut breakfast spread that is besides given to kids. Furthermore, Ferrero UK aimed to accomplish the perceptual experience of nutella being an mundane merchandise for kids, a good beginning of energy and a trusty merchandise with high quality ingredients.

In comparing to communicating aims, selling aims are sales-related aims that are above all mensurable, specific, targeted and timed ( SMART ) . ( Pickton and Broderick, 2006 )

Ferrero UK defined its selling aims as follows:

To increase the volume gross revenues within three old ages clip ( up to 40 % )

To drive nutella?s family incursion from 7.54 % to 10.6 % by September 2008

To convey nutella to 765, 000 more families a twelvemonth

To increase market portion by 2 %

Corporate aims of Ferrero UK were the followers:

Having its focal point on client relationship which is “based on cognition, experience, sensitiveness and intuition and a common and digesting loyalty” ( ferrero.com )

Care about societal issues, nutrient safety and local communities and its human resources ( ferrero.com )

To make market leading by following the regulations of developing advanced merchandises that are fresh and of high quality ( ferrero.com )

3. Selling communications scheme

After specifying the chief mark sections and cardinal stakeholders, it was important for Ferrero to make up one’s mind in favor of Push, Pull or Profile scheme. For the “Wake up to nutella” run Ferrero decided in favor of a combination between Push and Pull scheme. The purpose of the push scheme was to convert mediators to advance and sell nutella in their supermarkets. That means that the communicating flows down from Ferrero to the retail merchant and from the retail merchant to stop user. The push scheme appeared to be sensible because nutella is a low engagement and impulse purchasing merchandise and there is presently low trade name trueness towards nutella. The premise that nutella is a low engagement merchandise comes from the fact that it is a FMCG at a low monetary value ( ?1.49 ) .

Ferrero besides used several communicating tools such as advertisement and publicity to convert the client to seek out for nutella and necessitate it from supermarkets ( Pull scheme ) . This scheme was aimed to supply information about the merchandise ( e.g. nutella is a hazelnut spread and non chocolate spread ) to a wider audience and eventually draw nutella from the retail merchant.

For Ferrero it was of import to utilize both schemes because with the push scheme they tried to make a demand and desire for the merchandise ( with trade publicities and vouchers ) and the pull scheme enabled Ferrero to construct the nutella trade name and inform the people about the merchandise.

While the push scheme targeted the supermarkets and was able to hike short-run ends such as impulse purchase, the pull scheme targeted the terminal user and could concentrate on long-run consequences such as edifice trade name consciousness and trust.

4. Coordinated promotional mix

The “Wake up to nutella” run was aimed to shift the negative image of nutella in the UK. Ferrero UK decided in favor of utilizing media tools such as Ad, Gross saless Promotion, Public Relations and Direct Marketing in order to make synergism.

The run started with a large Television advertizement with the purpose to make a big audience at comparatively low costs. In add-on, advertisement appeared to be the best tool for raising consciousness ( see appendix 3 ) .

The chief communicating messages from the Television advertisement were:

Contains 52 hazelnuts, a glass of skimmed milk and a elan of chocolate ( a purpose: to inform people about the ingredients and that nutella is a hazelnut pick and non chocolate pick )

Good as a portion of a balanced breakfast ( astrongest message ; to utilize it for breakfast )

Not merely an occasional dainty ( aaim: to utilize nutella as a mundane merchandise )

Good beginning of slow release energy

Something I?d be happy to give my childs ( a purpose: to demo whom nutella is aimed at )

Public dealingss were used to add credibleness to the client about nutella at really low costs but besides to reenforce the raising consciousness purpose ( see appendix 3 ) .

Public dealingss consisted of assorted wireless and imperativeness adverts. On behalf of nutella dietician were composing articles in adult females magazines about nutella in order to increase the credibleness. Additionally, two imperativeness adverts were published in adult females and household magazines across UK to aim the mark audience ( households, particularly female parent ) and the mark market ( kids ) . Both imperativeness adverts had the same message- “surprisingly Nutella on toast can be good for breakfast” .

Gross saless publicity was used to aim the already identified mark audience and to back up the credibleness of the merchandise ( See appendix 3 ) .

Gross saless publicity consisted of samplings in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Makro shops with the purpose to increase test, represent nutella as a positive trade name and encouragement impulse gross revenues.

Assorted monetary value cuts and Buy one get one free promotionsprior the Back to School period were aimed to increase short-run gross revenues.

Direct selling was aimed to present a personal message to the mark audience and mark market but besides provide interaction between Ferrero and its clients. Ferrero created an ain web site, based on the run -This trade name web site had the end to inform the mark audience about the trade name but besides to roll up single informations by subscribing to have e-newsletters. The ground for this trade name web site was besides to bring forth trade name consciousness ( see appendix 3 ) but besides to organize trade name attitude ( Pelsmacker, Geuens, Van den Bergh, 2005 ) .

Furthermore, harmonizing to Mintel 2009 nutrient makers are progressively utilizing the medium cyberspace for aiming kids. “Thirty per centum of 8-16 year-olds say that they try nutrient or drinks after seeing them online” ( Mintel, Children Eating Habits UK, 2009 ) . Ferrero besides recognised this chance and targeted its chief mark market with its online run.

To sum up, it can be said that Ferrero used an Incorporate Selling Communications attack in order to “provide lucidity, consistence and maximal communicating impact” ( Pelsmacker, Geuens, Van den Bergh, 2005 ) .

Furthermore they had one consistent message that was presented by assorted tools. In add-on, it can be said that different tools vary in their effectivity. Ad for case is a good tool for making consciousness but it is non a good tool to increase gross revenues. However, Personal merchandising can increase gross revenues but it is non recommended for increasing consciousness of the merchandise. Ferrero decided in favor of a synergism of different tools in order to run into all of their aims.

5. Human and Financial Resources

The immense “Wake up to nutella” run was the biggest and most expensive run Ferrero UK of all time experienced. The entire costs of the run were ?8m whereas the telecasting advertisement and the imperativeness advert entirely accounted for ?4m.

These figures appear to be tremendous but when comparing the size of the company and the entire one-year turnover of 170m EUR, selling outgos of ?8m appear to be appropriate.

Additionally, though the run was expensive, it was able to bring forth a payback of ?1.85 for every ?1 spent.

Besides the fiscal facet, the human resources are important for every successful run. Ferrero UK consists of 133 employees working in several sections such as Marketing, Gross saless, Finance and I.T.

Particularly for this run Marketing Manager Mr. R. Groumdes-Peace required a close coaction between individual sections to interchange thoughts and to gain from different know-how. In add-on, the company was supplying several preparations in order to affect all employees into the run.

The telecasting run and imperativeness advertisement were created by Krow Communications, a celebrated London Communication Agency. The ground for taking an outstanding bureau was the deficiency of selling expertness for this tremendous and disputing run. Ferrero UK decided to engage Krow Communications for this run, as they were already well-established in the market and had celebrated clients such as Unilever, Fiat etc.

For the Public Relations run Ferrero hired assorted dieticians that were composing articles on behalf of nutella with the purpose to pass on trust and credibleness to the consumer. Here once more Ferrero relied on the know-how of outstanding experts.

The whole work of Ferrero UK consisted of doing strategic determinations and happening other bureaus that will implement the thoughts for the run such as to make an interesting and converting advertisement that will carry through their aims.

Finally, Ferrero UK employed Millward Brown, a research company that undertook the rating of the run.

The whole planning procedure took about eight months and the run had a entire continuance of one twelvemonth.

6. Scheduling and Implementation

The continuance of the “Wake up to nutella” run was one twelvemonth but it was implemented in three stages ( August 2007, December 2007 and December 2008 ) . Ferrero decided in favor of a DRIP attack which means to utilize the promotional tools to distinguish its merchandise from others, remind clients of the merchandise but more significantly to inform them about the ingredients of the merchandise and eventually carry them to purchase nutella.

Furthermore, outgo was spread in more than one period, in order to make presence over a longer period of clip.

1st stage of shifting run

The first stage of the shifting run started on the 27th of August 2007, a few yearss before the Back to School period and it consisted of one telecasting advertisement and two imperativeness adverts. In this stage the most of import tools were publicizing and gross revenues publicity ( trying ) due to the aim to increase high consciousness amongst schoolchildren and female parents.

2nd stage of shifting run

The 2nd stage started in January 2008/February 2008 merely before the Pancake Day and consisted of the Television ad and imperativeness ads from the 1st stage.

The end with reiterating the Television ad and imperativeness ads was to remind the client of nutella as a good juncture to purchase for Pancake Day.

3rd stage of shifting run

New imperativeness adverts and a new improved version of the Television advertizement were launched between September and November 2008. The ground for a new imperativeness advert was merely to review the whole run and the Television advertizement needed to be improved due to a figure of complains.

The Advertising Standard Authority ( ASA ) in UK required to alter the information from per jar to per part and to go forth the information “good as portion of a balanced breakfast” .

Ferrero UK changed the cardinal information from the Television ad into “A 15g part contains 2 hazelnuts, skimmed milk and cocoa” and didn?t reference the balanced breakfast any longer.

Furthermore, the push scheme was scheduled prior the pull scheme in order to pass on and convert the supermarkets to include nutella in their mixture. Furthermore, Ferrero wanted to convert the supermarkets to back up the run with trying publicities in their supermarkets.

Because of this ground Ferrero UK foremost concentrated on its push scheme ( anterior 1st shifting stage ) and so on the pull scheme ( 1st to 3rd stage ) .

7. Evaluation and Control

Ferrero UK created an huge run supported by different promotional tools. During but particularly after the “Wake up to nutella” run Ferrero UK has undertaken research to place if the aims they have set have been achieved and which of the promotional tools helped the most in accomplishing these aims.

Millward Brown, one of the world?s taking research companies was hired by Ferrero to set about the rating of the run. Harmonizing to the findings of Millward Brown, the Television advertizement achieved an Awareness Index of 11 whereas the mean index in the UK is 6.


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