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Website Review

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Find national, state, and local governmental health agency websites that address the issue you selected in your Week One assignment. Follow the example to document your findings in the table.

Health issue: ____Obesity_______________________

Website Information Type
Type of Surveillance: survey, self-report, statistics, case report, and so forth Data changes over time: Has the incidence increased or decreased? Identify two interventions that affect the issue.

Table of contents, search, print, videos, surveillance data current and past, deaths, hospitalizations, and educational resources Statistics and self-reporting
Swine flu incidences have decreased. There are now isolated cases, compared to the fall of 2009. Vaccine, hand washing, and isolation masks

Local website: Search, print, weight loss drug information developed at The University of Alabama in Birmingham, table of contents Case reports & statistics

The drug Qnexa has helped obese patients lose weight and keep it off but the FDA rejected the drug in 2010 because of concerns of high heart rates and birth defects. Blood sugar levels of obese patients that used Qnexa were lower. The percentage of the drug’s users who later developed diabetes was half of that for the control group. Local website: Table of contents, educational research, and educational resources.
Self-reports and strategies.

With the help of different partners the initiative is to create a “climate for change”. Promote safe greenways, bike lanes, sidewalks and trails to connect neighborhoods. Support development, distribution and vending policies that will encourage more stores to offer nutritious foods.

State website:

Table of contents, news links, videos, surveillance data, program information, educational resources, and search engine. Statistics and trends

More schools in Alabama are joining the program that promotes health, physical activity, and education about obesity. Healthier lifestyle habits from exercising and positive attitudes towards exercising. State website:

Table of contents, surveillance data, news, additional resources, success stories, and program information. Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance Systems (BRFSS) and statistics More participants of the program “Scale Back Alabama” are choosing healthier lifestyles and exercising more resulting in weight loss. Alabama residents are eating healthier and are involved in more physical activities. National website: Table of contents, surveillance date, educational resources, and search engine. Data, statistics, and facts

2010 state data show that obesity rates still remain high.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is working to implement policy and environmental strategies to make healthy eating and active living accessible and affordable for everyone.

National website: Table of contents, resources, health information, research, and search engine. Reports and guidelines

The new and improved dietary recommendations give individuals the information to make thoughtful choices of healthier foods in the right portions and to


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