What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood Essay

What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood

“Meanwhile the wolf ran straight to the grandmother’s house and knocked at the door.”

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No answer. The wolf knocked again, but still no answer. He tried the door latch and found it unlocked. With a quick look around, the wolf went inside, closing the door quietly behind him. The house was dark except for the small light coming from the slightly closed bedroom door.

“Grandma, it’s Little Red Riding Hood, are you home?”


The wolf crept slowly towards the bedroom door, pushed it open, and let out a gasp. There was a strong stinch in the air causing the wolf to gag. Lying on the bed was the still, cold form of Grandma. She appeared to have died a few hours earlier from an animal bite of some kind. The wolf walked closer to the body and picked up Grandma’s arm examining the teeth marks.

“Must have been Old Grizzly from down the path. Ha, the woman was so tough even he couldn’t stomach her. Saves me the trouble and heartburn,” the Wolf grunted.

Just then Little Red Riding Hood came running into the room screaming at the sight of the wolf standing over her Grandma’s dead body.

“What have you done?” she accused. “You pretended to be nice to me. You tricked me so you could eat Grandma!”

Little Red Riding Hood grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911.

“Relax kid, I didn’t kill Grandma, she was too old anyway,” the wolf replied.

“Then why are you standing there over her dead body, holding the arm you just bit into!” Little Red Riding Hood accused.

The wolf laughed a sinister laugh and started towards Little Red Riding Hood, but she was too fast for him. She drew out her pepper spray and let him have it straight in the eyes. The wolf screamed in agony dropping to the floor howling in pain.

“This is 911, what’s your emergency,” the operator on the other end of the cell phone asked.

“It’s about time you answered, there’s a mean wolf here and he just ate Grandma! He’s after me, quick send help!”

Just then, the huntsman burst through the door, pushing Little Red Riding Hood out of the way and lunging straight towards the wolf.

“That was quick!” Little Red Riding Hood said as she watched the huntsman wrestle with the wolf. The wolf, with one paw over his eyes, rose and charged towards the huntsman knocking him off his feat. The huntsman fell to the floor unconscious after hitting his head on the bed post, his drawn knife flying out of his hand.

Little Red Riding Hood grabbed the knife and before the wolf knew it she slashed at his arms and legs and he fell to the floor in disbelief. By then, the forest rangers arrived and restrained the wolf.

“I’m innocent I tell you! I didn’t kill Grandma! That huntsman just came out of nowhere and attacked me. It was all self defense and then that little demon in the red coat waved the knife at me like a mad girl and cut me all up,” the wolf moaned and cried as the rangers took him outside and loaded him on the wagon for jail.

“Tell it to the judge old wolf,” was their reply.

The huntsman slowly woke up and found he was in handcuffs too.

“What are these for?”

“We don’t know who’s telling the straight of it,” the rangers replied. “We’re taking you all in!”

“What about Grandma,” Little Red Riding Hood cried.

“I’m sorry, it’s too late for her. If someone would’ve been with her she may have survived, but a bite like that and no immediate help was more than she could take. Come on, we have to take you in too. You’re the one holding the knife after all.”


And so the wolf, the huntsman, and Little Red Riding Hood were all arrested and taken to jail. The next day, they appeared in court to each tell their side of the story. The medical examiner proved the wolf had not bitten Grandma and the judge declared the wolf innocent of murder. The huntsman was charged with aggravated assault for rushing the wolf and the wolf was cleared of hurting the huntsman since it was an act of self defense. Little Red Riding Hood was charged with making false allegations and waving around a weapon she had no business picking up. She was also slammed with a wrongful death lawsuit filed by her mother who claimed that if Little Red Riding Hood had followed instructions and stayed on the path and away from strangers, then she would have arrived in time to save Grandma’s life. A warrant was also issued for the arrest of the true murderer, Old Grizzly.



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