Why was the nation wracked by turmoil and discord in the years immediately following World War One? Essay

            The World War 1 was a period of great peril for the world and saw the death of millions of people, soldiers and civilians alike. The war was believed to be a consequence of the assassination of the arch Duke Ferdinand of the Astro- Hungarian Empire and a resistance by those perceived to be responsible to cooperate. The most important point about the war is the amount of effort and resources that went to the invention and manufacture of war technologies at a scale never before seen.  In this regard, it was a war that saw the government spending on the war reach unimaginable proportions a factor believed to be one of the major cause of the great depression (Rothbard, 5-30). Before, the war America had taken an isolationist stand on the war a factor that fueled President Wilson’s reelection. It is probably this attitude of American leaders that brought opposition to the bill to see America become a part of thWare League of Nations.

            The League of Nations was reached at during the Paris conference and was aimed at ensuring that such a war does not occur again (Pollock, 100-150). However, there are various legislators who opposed some clauses contained in the proposal especially the fact that American soldiers could be called upon to defend other nations. However, there were reservationists who did not oppose the whole bill but sought to remove or change some provisions of the proposal. Nonetheless, the proposal was ratified due to the president’s appeal to the populace especially with his “fourteen points” speech. Post world war period also saw the growth of the progressive movements that sought to redress most civil wrongs in society among them poverty and racism. This led to several laws that sought o bring equity and equality and consequently recognized the women’s right to vote. And where such failed to redress the problem of ethnicity ands unemployment, a great migration of African Americans resulted from the Southern States towards the West and Northern States (Lee, 20-100).

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